Peru Finca Rosenheim

Tilbage igen: En ny single origin Peru som alligevel slår de tidligere jeg har haft. Den er lige så mild og blød, med en let floral syrlighed og en dejlig sød smag. Kaffen er fra Finca Rosenheim - et spændede kaffesamarbejde mellem oprindelig tre forskellige parter. Se nærmere nedenfor. Kan både brygges som filter/stempel og espresso.

Noter: Floral mælkechocolade og brun farin

Region: Villa Rica, Oxapampa

Grohøjde: 1800-1900 masl

Proces: Vasket

Arabicatype: Bourbon

Kvalitet: SHB Grade 1

Flere detaljer

65,60 kr Ekskl. moms

  • 250g
  • 500g
  • 1000g
  • Hele bønner
  • Kværnet til filterkaffe
  • Kværnet til stempelkaffe
  • Kværnet til espressokaffe

Yderligere information

Finca Rosenheim

Our “Finca Rosenheim” coffee is characterized by its sweet aroma, chocolate flavor, light body and just acidity, achieving the perfect balance that the consumer of good coffee is looking for.

Our lots combine the varieties of coffee Catimor, Caturra, Colombia, Bourbón and Typica.

The "Café Rosenheim" is a special coffee, single origin. This means that we do not collect coffee from third parties, but that all our product comes only from our own plantation. We control the quality from the seed in our nurseries and also the plant in the field. We personally supervise the harvest, the piling and drying processes in our facilities; guaranteeing the quality of the final product.

In Peru’s central Jungle, in the district of Villa Rica, at 5300 feet above sea level is located the family farm "Finca Rosenheim", surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes.​

The Estate has 40 hectares of coffee plantation, which produce an excellent coffee that is processed entirely on the farm to ensure quality and good cup.

We also produce 100% natural honey, taking advantage of the symbiosis between bees that pollinate and the flower of the coffee.


Land of the finest coffee in the world

In Villa Rica you breathe coffee. A town formed by three cultures, the Yaneshas (native of the place), the Austro German colonists and the Andean settlers, united by the passion and work for coffee.

The coffee produced in Villa Rica is a coffee of high altitude where the climatic and geographical factors provide the perfect conditions to obtain a special coffee with an excellent cup; fragrance and aroma to fruits and chocolates and marked acidity.

The Coffee Route of Villa Rica offers visitors an unforgettable experience where you can live the culture  around coffee and the experience of working in the production of coffee where coffee growers strive to obtain a special and unique coffee. To this we add beautiful landscapes, beautiful waterfalls and a great cultural wealth that can be appreciated with the welcome and attention of its people.

Enjoy coffee at its origin

"Finca Rosenheim" is located 2 km from the city of Villa Rica and offers accommodation from where you can appreciate the natural landscape, allowing you to get involved in the coffee environment.

 There are excellent bird watching opportunities and native species. These can be seen from the comfort of our lodging bungalow, or exploring the various routes within the Finca.

The rooms are located in front of the processing plant, where you will see and you will be able to learn about the coffee processing process during the harvest season.

The Finca is close to the main tourist attractions in the area. Our good location in the Route of the Falls "The Lion" and "The Witch" offers opportunity for walks, trekking, cycling, adventure and beautiful landscapes.

During the harvest season, from May to September, the visitor can closely observe the activities related to coffee production, including the harvesting of fruits, weighing and washing, as well as fermentation, drying and storage of coffee, up to its export or roasting.